Frequently asked Questions

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GEODI : Supported Format and Integration

GEODI direclty uses over 200 formats in 10 different media.  Please visit Integration for full list.

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System requirements

"GEODI - MOBIDI the hardware requirements for office installation can be found in the link below

- System Requirements

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Is there API for developers?

Yes. Please find detailed API documentation and sample codes in

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How is GEODI licensed?

You can use GEODI for your individual and corporate needs. You can have GEODI in 1 - 10 - 25 - 50 and above user segments.

GEODI Modular structure. GEODI is the standard main module and will meet all your needs. You can add any module according to your needs.

GEODI works on your own servers. You can choose rental or ownership options.

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Can I display without AutoCAD or Netcad ?

Yes, you can search, display or annotate AutoCAD, Microstation, Shape, GeoDatabase, GeoTIF, KML, KMZ and more.

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How do I use GEODI from within other software?

Yes and with more than one option. It is possible to integrate with chrome addon, directly using database or with API.

- Chrome Plugin

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What is the difference between GEODI and Traditional GIS software ?

GEODI  is a new generation content management platform with GIS  features. GEODI directly uses unstructured and structured data directly and unlike traditional GIS software does not need any manual data entry.

CAD & GIS Presentation

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Which sectors can be used?

It can be used by anyone who wants to manage GEODI digital data.

Digital Transformation

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Which languages are supported ?

GEODI handles documents written in all world languages including Arabic, Chinese and Japanese.

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How can I use scanned documents?

Yes, integrated OCR converts any scanned document into text.

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Can databases be used as a data source?

Yes. GEODI can search and map ERP, CRM, MIS or any other database.

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